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7 Tips for Surviving Christmas Dinner

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Christmas dinner with all the family and the in-laws can be a roaring success or a dismal failure! Whether you are cooking for it or simply attending one, it can result in sleepless nights and the stories of what happened will haunt you for years. Here are seven simple tips to avoid try and ensure

Christmas on a Budget: Decorating on a Dime

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Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year, so how can you save some extra money this year without scrimping on any of your favorite parts? Use these helpful hints and tricks to decorate without spending all of your hard earned dough!     1: Go to a nearby wood and collect

10 things not to do During a Christmas Party

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  It’s the holiday time of the year; which calls for mouthwatering food, drink and, of course, multiple invitations to the best Christmas parties. This is for those who are still recovering from past shameful Christmas party experiences or those who are attending a Christmas party for the first time and need some tips on

Adventures of a Salvation Army Bell Ringer

Spirit of Christmas

Adventures of a Salvation Army Bell Ringer By Theresa M. Danna, M.P.W. It was the Christmas season of 2001, just a few months after the September 11 terrorist attack. In April of the previous year, I had relocated myself and my then 22-month-old son, AJ, from Los Angeles to a small town in San Luis

Charity Navigator – Your Guide to Giving in this Giving Season

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Charity Navigator – Your Guide to Giving in this Giving Season Charity Navigator helps charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions by providing information on over 2,500 charities and by evaluating the financial health of each of these charities. Evaluations are easy to understand and are freely available to the public. By guiding intelligent giving, Charity

Hugs and Hope for Sick Children

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Hugs and Hope for Sick Children The HUGS and HOPE Club for Sick Kids is a nonprofit charity devoted to putting smiles on the faces of children who might otherwise have little to smile about. The Internet based group of 2,000+ volunteers sponsors several programs including the annual Holiday ELF PROJECT. The group is always

Oprah’s Angel Network

Spirit of Christmas

Oprah’s Angel Network was created to inspire people to use their lives… and to reap the truest rewards that come from giving to others. With the efforts and donations of our viewers, Oprah’s Angel Network’s first two initiatives gave homes to over 1000 people, and sent 150 deserving students to college… and a brighter future.

The True Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus, or what gifts you’re going to be receiving. It’s all about the Gift of Giving. Sometimes we need to be reminded of just how blessed many of us are, especially this time of year when there are some out there who won’t wake up on The

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