What comes around, goes around!

What comes around, goes around!

What comes around, goes around!

I was fortunate when I was younger. My family consisted of an older sister, two older brothers, Mom, Dad, cat, dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree! Anyway, we had a dad who lived for Christmas. We weren’t rich but Mom and Dad made sure that we had big Christmases.

The wait for that day was unreal. Thank God for St. Nicholas Day. Yes, we celebrated that day, too. That was our cue that we had been good and to keep up the good work!

Christmas Eve was always filled with laughter, presents to open from long distance relatives, and Mom’s oyster casserole. They had to make me go to bed, but it was no use in trying to sleep. I remember once I woke up and told my sister that I heard sounds on the roof.

Then the day finally arrived. Mom and Dad would go downstairs and make sure that everything was in order. Later we would find out that this was their time to have coffee, juice, toast, read the paper, etc. and make us sweat it out upstairs. Finally, we were allowed to come downstairs.

What a sight! Presents all over the place and beautifully wrapped. We took our places by the huge stacks of gifts and then the four-hour saga would begin. No joke! It would take us that long because we had to go around the room and open one gift at a time. And to this day, all of us grown, we still do the same thing! And we wouldn’t change anything about it.

Merry Christmas!

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