Why “Merry Christmas?”

Why “Merry Christmas?”

Why “Merry Christmas?”

Why should I say “Merry Christmas” to everybody, without knowing if he/she really has the real Christmas Spirit within?

I was born and live in a very beautiful island in the Caribbean, the smallest of the Major Antilles, Puerto Rico. I peek at anyone passing by and there are not that many that you can tell that the real Christmas Spirit is within.

I’ve been celebrating a permanent Christmas season since I said ‘yes!’ to receive the most wonderfull present any human can receive; that’s “Jesus” in my heart. Noel is not a joke. He was born and has changed millions of human lives from going wondering throughout their lives. That’s until the last moment when they are about to end their first chapter of their lives and realise that it’s too late. Come on! Say “yes” to that marvelous present: Jesus.

Merry Christmas for an eternity…

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