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Memories of Christmas in Jordan

Christmas Around the World, Jordan, Middle East

Memories of Christmas in Jordan rereifej On Christmas Eve, my mom used to prepare all of our brand new clothes from the little under garments, to the shoes, to the new outer wear.. everything had to be new. She would spread the new clothes for each one of us (eight children) on the living room

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at church

Armenia, Christmas Around the World, Middle East

at church Hyegirl On Armenian Christmas night, we go to our church for a church service called “badarak.” Afterwards, we have dinner blessed by my priest. We fast the day before Armenian Christmas(eve) and we don’t eat animal food a week before Armenian Christmas. We also get presents from our Sunday School teachers. We also

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Christmas in Dubai

Christmas Around the World, Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Christmas in Dubai multicultured society The Christmas celebrated in Dubai is unique People representing various nationalities and religions celebrate it with great enthusiasm and fervor

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